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Monday, February 18, 2013

Nanny issues

well here's the thing. i want to change Nia's nanny.

this is a very though decision for me n for Al too. coz lets face it. it's hard to find a good nanny. to get a maid is absolute impossible as our income is 'cukup makan'. and also about the recent incident. about an indo maid that abused a 4 month old infant. you can find the vid on tv3's twitter or facebook. it's very hot news.

anyway, i didn't say that Nia's nanny is not good. she is very good. n i like the fact that she is our neighbour. she lives next door! so it's easy for me to send Nia there without having to go out early. also once awhile i'll go to her house without telling her beforehand just to check on her. so far, every suprise visit, there's nothing much that i can complain. so you know how hard it is for me to let her go. also its not helping that we both worked shifts. it's hard to find a nanny. let alone one that can take our condition.

 but under many circumstances, i have to make a choice. WE have to make a choice. the very best for Nia n the upcoming baby that is. so i ask around if there's a nanny who would want to take care of my baby. many suggestions from friends but they all live far from my house.  then suddenly i bumped into a senior staf at the pantry. i told her about my situation. she then gave me a house number  that i quickly dialed and guess what...... i have a new nanny for Nia. yeay!

but the problem now.....how should i tell the present nanny? i don't want her to feel that i hated her that's making me send Nia to a different nanny. i just want to make things easier for her and for us too. so that nobody felt hurt or burden. if Nia is little bit bigger, i wouldn't mind taking her along to my workplace. my office mates wouldn't mind either. they loved her here. but Nia's only 1 and a half yr old. she needs her sleep n attention. a lot of it.

arghhhhh this is so hard. i'm not good at words. i always send Al to do the dirty job. and he's good at it. it's just that bcoz she's a 'makcik' so Al is a bit 'segan'. so i have to do it. i dunno what to do. my friend said that i have to tell her before the end of this month. the faster the better. but how?

i want to doze off. maybe i'll have a good dream that tells me how to deal with this. hurmmmm....

p/s : sleepy.....x cukup tido. semalam tido kol 2 pagi.


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