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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So much to settle

remember this entry?

it's settled! i don't know how it came out but it went smoothly. and the makcik also is ok with it. so next month Nia will have a new nanny.

anyway, about changing Nia's FM, i'm thinking of changing it back to the first brand. coz when i checked the FM, it looks like it had more sugar in it than the 1st one. i just think that it's not suitable for a toodler like Nia. maybe when she's 2 or 3yr old i may consider changing her FM. but for now, i must find the FM. hopefully they already restock it after the long CNY holiday. am crossing fingers.

owh n about the new nanny, Al, me n Nia went to her house yesterday. so far Al gave her an A+. i also liked her. her house is about 5 minutes from mine. but still i have to wait till next week to really really judge her performance. yeah 1st of march is on friday. hope i don't get late to work. i have a tendency to show up 5 minutes late to work. dunno how to fix that. may have to make the clock 20 to 30 minutes early. or wake up early. hahaha

right now i have a really backache. this is normal for pregnant woman. so i'm trying to find the pregnancy/nursing pillow. went everywhere to find it but a lot of it only had baby stuffs. not much for pregnant moms. maybe i need to find a shop exclusively for pregnant moms. hmm where to find???

p/s : my life is a dilemma. hahaha....

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