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Monday, March 11, 2013

So sweet la

i  was just off the phone with Al. to tell you the truth, it's been a while since Al call me for fun. on our loving dating years he always calls me twice a day. okay maybe more. but after we got married, he seldom calls. maybe becoz we see each other everyday. or becoz if he called, he didn't know what to say. we texted more but on basics things only. no more lovey dovey stuff. like what do you want to eat out, or what should i buy. ginger or turmeric. something like that. so typicall married couple hahah.

anyway, when i got the call just now, i was thinking is he sick. becoz yesterday he did say that he had a headache. so i was thnking the worst when i got his call. but what i hear is not aching talk but more of where have you've been talk.

'where r you?'

'i'm at work. what's up?'

'owh god i thought you were out. but it's 9 n still you're not home. i thot you went MIA or somthing'

me going MIA??? Al totally forgot that i worked night shift this week!!!


okay i really can't stop laughing. even when i'm already off the phone i still can't stop giggling like nuts. what was he thinking? i won't go out if i know he'll be coming home la. god, this is so funny.

owh hubs, you are so cute when u're worried.

how i wish i can saw his face. owh i just wanna hug him.

xoxo love

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