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Monday, December 29, 2014

The worst flood in history

Alhamdulillah Al arrived safely home at noon yesterday. he seem tired but excited to tell me the things that happen on his journey.

- Kelantan was the worst flooded area. but what's worst is there are some parts that are isolated and far away from help. a few people actually died of hunger becoz there' no food or water supply. they were stuck up on a hill.

- volunteers came to a great length to send help and food supply. some even got stuck or held up in the way. becoz the water kept rising. the only way to send help is by boat. but there's not many boats around.

- some areas that never been flooded for many years also flooded. 

- there's no electricity, no internet connection, no water supply.

so please, donate to the closest fund. from money to goods like rice, baby diapers and whatnot. or at least pray for their safety. Innalillahi wainnailaihi rojiuunn....

I'll post a video here later. need to transfer it from Al's phone.

here's the video.

this is one of many videos that he took on his way to send aid to the victims. they recite dua and selawat on their journey. the driver is an ustaz.

p/s : he'll be going again on this friday. hope all is well.

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