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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Where's my other half?

this week has been not so good. not good in terms of my feeling. i feel lost. lonely. even with my kids around. and i feel angry so easily. i know it's not good for my kids but i can't help it.

we are supposed to be on vacation to Melaka(which we had gone like a million times now) just to accompany his friend and his family there. but then, they cancelled their trip n so we had to cancelled our trip too. thank god the owner of the homestay that i already booked is kind enough so we can postpone our trip to a later date. having that being said, Al suddenly had the idea to go with his friends to Kelantan to volunteer there.

being the supportive wife, i had to let him go right? so that was what i did. but now i feel lost. i miss him so much. this post is not to brag about what little deed that my husband did but what i feel as his spouse that was left behind, at home with 2 kids.

we last texted each other 2 days ago. there's no telephone signals there. no electricity. he texted me in Pahang where they slept becoz Kelantan was so flooded. yesterday he sent pictures of him at the flood area. it was devastating. i couldn't imagine myself being in that situation. i could only pray for them. my husband is truly a hero. not only to me now but also to the other's that he help. and cats. thank god he can swim.(need to know the proper story when he gets back) all the other volunteers are also heroes. kudos to them for sacrificing their time and effort to help the people in need.

these are the pics:

p/s : u promise me 3 days only rite? so plz come home.

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