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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


seriously, i miss my blog.

i've been quite bz with life and work that i kinda abandon my blog.

so many things had happen. i'll just write it in points. much easier for me. hehehehe

- Al had return home from his second volunteer trip. and the photos really spoke themselves. it's a long road to recovery. plz pray for the flood victims. moga mereka tabah.

- we postponed our holiday until i don't know when. and we didn't get our deposit money back. it's ok. maybe it's their rezki.

- so to make my children happy, we play at the pool in front of our house instead. hahaha we actually had a pump-up pool that is quite large. i'll post the pics later.....when i have the time (bila la tu).

- i had to work extra hour last week and so i had to bring Ari with me coz my nanny are bz. thankfully Ari is cooperative. but at the end of it he got a bit cranky coz its his nappy time. thank god it was for only 3 hours! maybe when he's older, he'll be ok. but hopefully no more extra hours. i need my weekend.

- my SIL will get married sooner than I thought. i don't know anything about the event. have to call my MIL.ASAP.

- i need my vacay so much. or date night. it's been a while since we go out just the 2 of us. when la.....

- Al's birthday is just around corner but I haven't bought him anything. hmmm....maybe I'll surprise him with....sumthing. I dunno la. have no idea.

that's all I think. need to continue with work.
owh my resolution for this year?
i dunno. be a better worker n wife, i guess?

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