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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Memories of my late aunt

i'm wearing my nikah attire today. feeling a little giddy and lovey-dovey n stuff. as i'm busy with my day, as i stare at my kurung, i notice sumthing. this kurung is very special to me. it symbolizes the change in my life. but this kurung is also a work of my late aunt.

i'm not the kind of person who likes to speak about the lost person in our family. usually i just go about my day as usual. coz it's easier that way. it's not that i don't remember about them. it's just becoz it's hard. not in a bad way. but i'm not the person who likes to deal with this things. all the emotions and stuff.

anyway, when i look at my kurung, i really felt her. my aunt is the kind who likes artsy crafty stuff. she did the beadings on my kurung with her daughter that is my cousin. she also did a lot of other crafty stuff. she likes weddings coz that way she can contribute on the decorations, the bunga pahar, sireh junjung and even the curtains. especially the 'sireh junjung'. she did the sireh junjung on every wedding in our family.

that explains why i did the sireh junjung on my sister's wedding. her death was very sudden. she died on the fasting month. so when my sister got married a few month after that, we really felt her absence on that day because she likes wedding so much. when i wrote this, i cried. i miss her so much. i may rarely say this but i love her. she's like a second mother to me.

may Allah bless her spirit in the hereafter. Amiinnn....

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