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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Today's ramblings

Al will be away for a few days. that is until sunday. 4 days to be exact. he and his bikers group are going to Terengganu and maybe Kelantan.

and after that we already planned for our first ever honeymoon. this is our 5th year but we haven't had our honeymoon yet. i'm very anxious and excited about it. but at the same time a bit worried.

i never left the kids with the nanny before. usually i'll send Nia to stay at my moms house for a few days. never with her nanny. but she's a big girl now so she'll be ok. i'm just worried about Ari. i never left him for a whole day. and now for 2 days? need to prepare him ASAP.

he's already using the bottle so that was a relieve. and we really need this vacation. maybe i'm the one that is attached to him. he's mommy boy. he need to be with him mama. writing this just makes me misses him so much and he's only 5 minutes away. i don't know if i can ever relax on our vacay.

p/s : hope Al have a save journey. Ameenn..

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