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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Feeling not so good

i am feeling a little under the weather these few day. well not a little but a LOT.

i dunno. i just feel tired easily. today Al woke up by himself. usually i will woke him up. but when i'm not around, he can woke himself up. yes, husbands like to be pampered. maybe.

anyway, this week had been very exhausting. it's not about work coz work was always the usual. not the kids also. i wander why. and we slept early too. to say 10 pm is early to us. yes, the kids slept the same time as me. usually i just let them play until 11 pm or later than that coz i slept at that time. but nowadays becoz i feel too tired to deal with their tantrums or whatever that is they are doing, i force them to sleep early.

and it's not helping that i still feel this way. it's like i always feel not having enough sleep when actually i have plenty of sleep. confusing much? well i feel it is confusing. i don't know what i'm feeling right now. when i tell Al about it, he said well maybe i'm ..... nah. that can't be it. is it? but i just got my menses.

so that can be it. maybe i'm still having simptoms of a cold. sure it is. i'm just recovering from the cold. so these must be the after-effect. wow i sounded like a doctor now. so maybe i can be a doctor. what was i blabbering about again?

so yeah. that's my excuse for not writing anything for the past few days.

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