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Thursday, May 21, 2015

What I want but can't

i just had a call from one of my officemates. she ask me whether i want to play netball or not. i hesitated but she somehow had the impression that i want to, so she told me to come to practice(?) on tuesday.

i really wanted to play coz i really like to play netball. but i'm scared my past injuries forbids it. so now i'm caught in the middle between what I want and what I can.

i ask A, my colleague who i used to play badminton with, about the situation. he knows about my injury and he also had past injuries. he said that once you injured yourself, it wouldn't be the same. and a possibility of recurrence is 90%. coz i sprained my ankle not once but twice.

i know they don't have enough players. i don't want to disappoint them but i'm also very scared.

i already did my physio and all, and my physiotherapist has already gave me the tumbs up. but i haven't try any heavy exercise at all. i only did some push ups, a long walk, and thats it. i'm not happy of myself. and she did say i'm not in a fit shape.

maybe i can try play badminton again. A did say that he plays regularly. maybe i can join him

but Al would think it's a bad idea. and he would not allow it. coz he loves his wifey so much. and he doesn't want me hurt myself.

it has been a year since i play netball and my feet are aching for it. and it's a year since my last injury.

so this must how it felt for the players when they had an injury. i'm not a player but i already feel my body aching to exercise or play some ball.

anyway, i need to discuss with Al about it. he may disagree or not.

maybe i need to exercise today. maybe some zumba? that full on exercise....hmmm....i'll think about it.

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