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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hepi besday to me

Yesterday was my birthday. There's no celebration, no cake or anything coz we already went for dinner the day before that.

so i wasn't expecting anything. well maybe a little something. a gift maybe. but nothing. i was a little upset. more over that i'm a bit emotional maybe becoz of the lack of sleep. Nia & Ari had fever for a week per person. that means i'm sleep deprived for two whole weeks. so yeah i'm so exhausted and emotional.

Al did wish happy birthday to me and that's it.

Al likes to give me surprises. so him being normal is not normal to me. i didn't suspect anything. i'm just upset. so he went to work while i'm being merajuk and all to him.

so after work, i took the kids from the nanny's house and went straight home. i'm exhausted and i need some sleep. i already said that didn't i?

so we arrived at home. i was moody and sleepy. all i wanted is to sleep. Nia asked me to switch on the tv for her and that's when i saw it. Al had place my birthday present nicely in front of the tv!!!

i did ask him for 'that' present but i meant the cheap one. not 'this' one!

i'm a cheapskate ok. i never ask Al for anything coz i can buy it myself. so when i ask him to buy me something, that means i really really wanted it. but of course i always ask for the cheap one. so Al buying me this gift is a total shock for me. and i cry buckets!! owh Al. I love u so much.

i ask Nia if the present is nice while i'm crying. she said it's beautiful.

'kalau suka mana boleh nangis mama' 

'kalau hepi pun boleh nangis la.'

hahahahah your mama is such a cry baby.

i whatsapped Al. well first i asked if it's my present. he asked if i like it. well duh ...of course i love it. he even asked me to whatsapp my crying photo. you.... cheeky you....

so anyway, i did receive birthday wishes from my family n in-laws and friends. thank you so much guys. i didn't feel old at all. hahahah

thank you hubsie for everything that you gave me. especially the present. Love you so much.

my kids ask for a cake because it's my birthday so they need to eat some cake. well not really. they just like to eat birthday cake. Ari already asked for a Ben10 cake. when i ask them to sang birthday song to me they say i need to buy a cake for them first. haishhhh kids really say the darnest things.

but still i will buy a cake later today. not for them but because i think a birthday needs a birthday cake. even if the birthday is yesterday. who says you can only celebrate your birthday only for a day?

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