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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bitter Heart

I know I shouldn't have complained n appreciate more but the more i look at those pictures....pictures of happy families....reading other ppl's blog about their perfect lives....it makes me jealous....i also wanted what they hav but how can I....with all these things that is going on....i can't just say it. i have to be patient... but sometimes my heart just went to the sea....keeping on with other ppl's expectations is driving me crazy. every month i'm trying my hardest to make ends meet. every month i work my butt off just to make somthing coming but like ppl said, if it's destined, then it will come ur way. if its not, then u'll hav to pray for the best of it.

Maybe I think too much. maybe i'm over reacting. mybe i'm going crazy. all the -ve possibilities is running through my head. if only i can turn back time. would it make a difference? would it make it better? will I be better?

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