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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In the Blues

actually I wanted to update about what happened on Agong's birthday holiday but bcoz of some technical problem, I had to postponed. mybe later....a week or so. I don't know. I'm just not in the mood rite now. SIGH.....hmmmppphhhh  =(

cannot help myself but wonder if what happened is my fault....actually I don't even know what happen...things just turn out that way...and I'm not in the mood to talk to anyone but still wanted some company.... so what did I want again? huh....really messing up my mind....I need you. I know you r busy but with my non stopping -ve thinking mind, I really needed you by my side.

I don't have many friends so the ones that I have, I really really treasure them but still these things happened. I don't know if I'm not caring enough or understanding enough for you. yes, you the one that is making me this way. you, that had been my friend. you, the one that you pour your problems at. you, the one that argues with me a lot. you, the one that said my clothes are too boyish for me. you, the one that accompanies me when I'm sad. you, the one that help me a lot in class where I always sleep when the most important thing are being said. you, the one that is making my heart sore. you, the one that is ignoring me for almost 2 weeks now.

so plz call me or text me. I NEED you. NOW. Period.

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