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Monday, June 18, 2012

My view on life....and myself

someone told me sometime ago that I have a cute face, but no smile.

as time goes by, my face lit up. little by little. maybe because in that time span, my life changes. n my view automatically changes. i grew a lot. more than i think that i can...... i think.

i'm not the so called naive person n blur person anymore. i'm more rational n stable.

changes in me had people saw the real me. they say i smile more. make funny jokes more. i talk more n mingle. maybe....... because i'm happy now.

i've grown. from a teenager, into a woman.

now i'm a wife, a mother and a lover to my husband.

i just don't understand if someone would like to jeopardise their life, their family for something that is uncertain. i don't know. it's just......not right. but...it's their lives. maybe they are happy like that? hmmmm....

what i want to say is....ppl changes. either it's from good to bad or vice versa. but the changes in life makes us who we are now. and the person who is with you along the transition makes the changes n the experience even sweeter.

there is no words that can describe what i feel about u.
coz what i know is
you n me,
we are one.  =)

p/s : di pagi isnin tetiba post entry lovey2 lak. malu nye.....(lari2 pastu sorok bawah meja.)

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