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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Being In the Middle.....again

i think i hav said this in my previous post. not so long ago.

but it happened.....again.

well the thing is, i like to be friends with everyone. in this kind of environment, you hav to. for your own survival. now it's like reality show. but in my case, this is so real.

the story goes like this. there's this group of friends who was like bff. well i think.

they do all types of things together. eat, shopping n even went to the toilet together.

then one day, one of them(A) had an argument with another one of them(B). they fought in silence but loudly. you know, through fb n emails. so yeah 2 friends fought. so how about the rest? well half of them decided to stay by A side. another half went to B side.

me on the other hand did not go to any side. like i said earlier. i am friend with everyone. and i like to live in peace and harmony.

so yeah I ended up being in the middle. A said things about B and the same goes to B.

what is wrong with these ppl? can't they sorted things out? i did try to be the peacemaker for both of them but to no avail.

i just can't understand this. only time can tell.


well anyway i did hav some misunderstanding the other day with someone.i didn't even know what i did wrong. so to that person, I'm deeply sorry.

p/s : ppl are so hard to please. but not me. give me some yummy dessert n i'll be ok. owh talking about dessert. i'm craving for some SR cake. must hav.....now.......arghhhhh

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