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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Morning babling

today was like zombie day coz yesterday i worked night shift yet today worked morning shift. yes, my life is like a roller coaster. today its blooming with flowers then tomorrow is raining cats n dogs. yeah i'm weird like that. or i'm just the moody type of person that needs to drag themselves to work.

aah work is another thing. there's some books on my desk that need to be cleared but i don't even have energy for that.

need. to. concentrate.


anyway, read my friends's status on fb. her daughter had fever and its worrying her. i'm not saying that i'm a supermom coz i'm not. but after having two kids i think i manage really well in terms of caring for a sick child. there is times when i feel that i'm not a good mother, constantly asking myself am i doing the right thing? and having a support group(alhamdulillah) has help me go through those days.

the support group is basically on how to treat fevers n cold n other common illness. there's also remedies that we can make it at home to cure them. owh and it's in fb. not all fb groups are rubbish. i learn a lot from them. thought me to be strong n be prepared. having a baby and a toddler under 3 years is not easy. they fell sick easily. so when u're prepared, there's nothing to be scared of. there's a solution to every problem.

sometimes when i think back when i was a new mother, everyday was a new day for me. everyday there's always things to be learn. i learn a lot about my child, a lot about myself. i never thought that i can be a mother of two. i don't think i can. but now i am.

time really thought us how to grow.
time had really pass by.
so i need to cherish every moment that i have.

am still waiting for Ari's first step.
even when he's just the second child, i'm still excited.
i want to cuddle him n hug him so much. i love u my son. more than u can think of. owh love his sister too. but i think she already had my attention for the past 2 years. hehehe it's mama's boy turn now. =)

to my friend, hope you're ok. u're stonger than u think. dua's for amni. get well soon.

p/s : life is too short to be wasted worrying. keep calm n enjoy the learning process. 

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