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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I feel Bad.....

honestly speaking, i'm a straight forward person. when someone is talking bad about someone that I know, that the thing is so huge that it may risk their lives...ok i overreacted but stillllll......you know what i mean. i tend to tell the person face to face. no back talking. just straight to their faces.

so now i felt bad. like really really bad. i know that the person needs to know that ppl are talking bad about this person. but when i'm the one that is telling that person about it....it felt....i don't know. maybe coz i may hav felt the same way when ppl are talking bad about me on my back.

that person said thanks but i know that he/she are hurt. urghhhh i don't know how to shed this feeling. the feeling of guilt. for making he/she felt bad of himself/herself.

owh i'm doomed!

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