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Friday, April 22, 2011

Can Kindness be measured?

frankly speaking i'm not in the mood to type but this thing bothers me. do ppl nowadays hav lost their "budi bahasa"? is kindness has lost it's place and is due to extinction? does kindness really need a scale so that we really know wether the kindness is bcoz of sincerity or just plain politic? you know like in hospitals when you're sick, they'll ask you how painful are you n they'll give you a scale from 1 to 10. 1 is least painful n 10 is really really I mean REALLY painful.

do we really need that?

a scale for our kindness?

what planet are we in now?

why does this happens to matter NOW?

is it becoz ppl are becoming less concern about other ppl?

i just don't understand it. we become friends for the sake of friendship. but now.......it's all politic. i became ur friend becoz i want to be elected as president in that club, or becoz u r rich, or becoz u hav power in the society.....yaddda....yadddddaaaa.....

this is all stupid I tell you!

i just wanna be friends with you. becoz of........nothing. what i did for you is becoz of our friendship. but now i know how you measure your friends......by a scale that you hav been created.


one very good friend is better than many unlikely friends. i already hav that friend, so thanks for your time. i hav my fair share of ur game and it seems to me that it's more than enough. so now goodbye. have a nice day.

p/s : manusia memang susah di fahami walaupun aku sendiri adalah manusia. ish ish ish.....


♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

If and only if it can be measured, kita semua takkan sanggup tengok punya~

funky_D said...

betul juga....lebih baik duduk diam dan terima setiap org seadanya....