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Friday, April 29, 2016

I got HFMD

i need to jot this down for future reference if ever it ever occur again which i pray i will not.

day 1
had 2 dot on my right hands. didn't think much of it.

day 2
the dots on my hands has multiply. also had rashes on my feet. thought it was hives. its so itchy, red and hot. it cleared up after i soak it in warm water with some Epsom salt.

day 3
so today is the 3rd day of the attack. its been more than 10 years since i got hives. and last night was the worst of it. for the 1st few days it was ok. theres only a few dots on my hands and it doesn't bother me much.

then last night i thought of gargling with vco (virgin coconut oil). its a natural remedy for many common ailments including hives. so after gargling the vco, i take a teaspoon of it. thinking that it would be better. without drinking warm water. (you're supposed to drink water after taking vco.)

i am so wrong. at 3 am i woke up with throat that felt like it was on fire. the dots filled liquid on my right hand has multiply and its also red and hot.

i didn't know what to do. my face was also warm and rough.so i take a deep breath then i took some yemen honey with warm water and drank it.

a few minutes after that, i felt better. but the dots filled liquid on my hands were still itchy and painful. it felt like my hands are slathered with cili padi.  i put some moogoo soothing cream on it and try to get back to sleep.

i woke up feeling so much better. my face still feel a little rough but thats it. even the dots on my hands are not so warm anymore. but its still painful to touch.

after lunch, i drank more yemen honey and warm water. wash my face with 1:7 of apple cider vinegar : warm water.

the worst dots was on my right ring finger. so it may take a while before i can wear my ring again. hmmmmphhh.

my right ring finger.

if you look closely, you can see there's little dots filled liquid that makes it super itchy and hot.

day 4
the day went by ok. i thought the hives has gone but only to feel more pain at night. another sleepless night it is. hmmphhh.

exactly 7 days after, the dots has totally gone. it left only a little scar on my right ring finger.

side note :
come to think of it, i don't think what i have is hives coz it felt different from 10 years ago. the thing is, before the dots come out, i had tonsilitis for 3 weeks and i had gone to see 3 doctors.

so when the dots filled liquid come out, i thought that it was nothing. also day 3 is on the weekend and the clinic is closed.(hahaha alasan je kan aku ni)

so i got on a little research and well it may seem like i had hfmd. hfmd is not a child disease. adult can have them too. and i'm going to see a doctor just to confirm it. sighhh...

well....oh well. just got back from the clinic and the doctor gave me this :

a whole load of meds.

i describe to him all my symptoms and he confirms that i have hfmd. he says that there is no cure for hfmd. only meds to help relieve the symptoms. it may take 10-14 days for hfmd to runs its course.

 i ask him about my ring finger. i still can't make a full fist with it. he said maybe its a little swollen. its only been 8 days! and my tonsillitis is back. huhuhu...  i can't wait for this to be over. that means i have to finish my antibiotics. boohoo.... =((

p/s : please consult a doctor for a diagnose before trying the remedies and tips written in this post. do a patch test first. what suits me doesn't mean it suits everyone. =)

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