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Monday, October 30, 2017

Life update

It's been a while since my last entry. life is same as always with ups and downs. i'll jot down in points. easier that way, hehehe

so here are my update:

-----  i've been having so much work that i didn't have the time to type here properly. i know it's a lame excuse but with audit and my boss going to retire by end of the year. there is a lot that i need to settle.

------ my youngest sister just got hitched. so the engagement ceremony will be held next month. there's not much that's need to be done. coz she wants a simple ceremony. her theme is pink. so i need to buy new kurung. hmmpphhh......why pink?!!!

------ just got news from my agent. my house is ready. just need to wait for a few documents and we are done. that reminds me. i only have a month to pack. and i need to carry things from my parents' old house. yeah my mom had move to BP and she left some stuff for me at the old house. so long story short, i need to pack for 2 houses. ok. don't panic. deep breath....deep breathhh.... urghhhh

------- Nia will start big school and Ari will start kindergarten next year. there's a lot to do. that reminds me that i had full schedule for december. primary school preparation class, agama school registration & briefing, Ari's kindergarten starts after christmas. so yeah. hope we had settled in the new house by then.

------- nowadays i had a crave for korean food. you know i'm a foodie but this crave is a whole new level. ergghhh thinking of bibimbap is making me drooling. and i just had it yesterday. i already went to 2 restaurants and Dubuyo is the one i like the most. owh they just opened their branch in JB. out of 4 times, i ate at Dubuyo 3 times. hahahaha i even had extra soup and banchan. they really know how to take care of their customer. *giggles

------ like i said earlier, my boss is retiring this year. and to top it off, my supervisor is going to another department early next year. we're still waiting for her replacement. i hope the new person is kind and understanding like her. we will miss u Mrs. M. sobss....

so yeah. that's my update for the last couple of month. nothing much. i do went out with the kids sometimes but only to the park and beach near us. not a vacation. coz we need to save for the house and the kids school.

hope we after all is settled, we can have a proper vacation. for the meantime, nearby parks are the way to go. sigh

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