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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is this the end?

Hi, D is now online from the house....hahahahaha.....ok la. i made some arangements on the line n what not n ta da....i'm writing this entry. suppose to be a sad post well wateva...

i'm dedicating this post to sumone. i just don't get it. is this the end? like the 5 years of friendship ends here? i'm trying my best to be ur so called bff ok. n i'm not saying i'm perfect n what not. i had flaws. i know that. but ur silence makes me.....dumbfounded. so if this really is the end then....well....ok. fine. suit urself. i don't give a damn. well....i really give a damn. or not. or i don't know.

wateva. i'm just saying that u've been a great friend. i guess friends r not meant to last forever huh....our tango just doesn't work. ok now i just sound pathetic. i better stop now. well, good luck in ur life. emm.....congrats on ur convocation. u really deserves it.

oh yeah. sorry for all my stupid mistakes. have a great life. n errr....there's always a better guy out there that is the one for you. u just need to look harder.oh n lastly, what did i did wrong again? well, u always ended silent. it's been 3 weeks now but i still don't get about what triggered these. well, you know what. just tell me ok. text me. or call me. ok i'm done.


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