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Friday, June 17, 2011

That Annoying person

well here's the thing. when a person ask for some advice, it looks like they want to have second opinion about some things rite? and they want our point of view rite? so they must wanted to make some kind of decision rite?

but what if our honorable and sincere advise was just a waste of time? coz it seems that this person doesn't changes anything. he/she also didn't do anything. the advice that we give is just plain conversation. he/she doesn't move a bit.

this really really REALLY annoys me. like a lot. coz when this person come to me with his/her problem, it looks like he/she is at some crossroad. like the problem is about life and death. well screw you! you just wanted to throw your problem at me hah?

i'm ok with that. but when you said that u wanted a change. a new beginning it suppose to happen ok. not just rubbish talk that u throw at me.

so now u bored me with ur problem that seems to me is not a problem at all!
the problem is u!
u are the one that makes the choices.
u r the one that lead ur life to this.

if we r given a better choice, why not take them?

why must u stay put?


i'm sick n tired hearing all of ur nonsense.

just give me peace plz!

arghhhhhhhh!!!!!!! bored......

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