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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Negative people

hey guys,

so it's nearly the end of January and i still don't have the mood to update here. like seriously life have been so hectic from day till night. i manage to make our daily schedule and so far we've been following it. there maybe some days that we drifted a little bit like the sleep time. they won't sleep unless i'm there. mama tiger mode here... or else they'll still be playing... haishhh

ok back to our title here.

hmm how should i say this?

but really if you think negative every single day, then the entire day you're not happy. i've been ignoring this person but the negative vibe have creeping my way. and it's making me uncomfortable. please la. i want to do my work in peace.

she's been doing nothing but bossing people around and sending hatred comments along the way. no wonder she had some issues with her previous unit. today she's in a foul mood. so our unit is silent than usual. i think i'll turn some music on. just to level up my mood.

oh my new boss, she's okay la. she's not around so much. still need a few more months then we'll see how.

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