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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Random ramblings and life update

hi there!

how long has it been? a month already? gosh

so i'll be posting once a month i think. hahaha
that's just an excuse D. duhh

anyway, i've been a little busy with the upcoming event so i've been so stressful and tired all the time that i don't have any energy left. when i came home, i just want to laze around and do nothing. at one point the stress got to me and i feel like crying but the tears are not coming out. i don't even know that crying needs so much energy?? but at last i did cry myself to sleep.

hopefully the event is successful so there won't be anymore sudden urgent work. sometimes i feel that i work more than my job scope. so much that i think it's the same workload as my superior which i think is not good. coz they are the ones that are getting more pay than me. Al said that i don't need to do more work than what i'm suppose to but if i don't, am i ignoring my superior's orders?

work issues aside, our family is doing great. the kids are the same as usual. bickering and fighting about the smallest things. Ari went to his kindergarten a little bit late today because he woke up late and someone forgot to send him (not me!). he can just skip school but thinking that today is his last day before the school holiday so i thought why not just go. better late than never. (tiger mama mode on. hehehe)

so when i send him there, i told the teacher what happen and apparently his other teacher had just went to our house to send his holiday homework. (the teacher and i, we always see eye to eye. can't just let him enjoy the holidays without any homework. hahaha) anyway, i was shocked to see that Ari was a favorite among the students there. they are calling him name as soon as he got out of the car. i thought he didn't like school coz he's always waking up late but i'm wrong. so maybe he just don't like getting ready to school. (. .'')

on another note,

this week i really need to pack all of our stuff coz we are moving!!!

yes, finally after nearly two years since the day i sign the papers for our beloved house we are moving in. there is still so much to be done. the back door need to be replaced, the pipes need to be check, and other stuff to be settled but we really can't postpone the date any longer. so hopefully i can quickly pack all of our stuff. two more days to go. wish me luck.

moving to a rent house and own house is a very different feeling.
i feel like its a big accomplishment.
i deserve a pat on the back.
Good job D. =))

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