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Sunday, August 12, 2018


Hye guys!

i got a lot going on that i don't know where to start. so i am now healthy again. i've been sick for the past week and it was horrible. i got the much dreaded flu. pfhttt.... i have never been so sick. at one point, my temp had reach 39 degress. yup that bad. my throat was red and hoarse that i pretty much didn't ate. and it made me even more weak.  so i needed to have an iv drip because i was dehydrated.

so yeah. that was my weekend.

i just got back to work today and there was a work pile stacked on my desk. hahahaha anyway, i feel recharged now. hopefully i keep being healthy. Aminn...

i also had to do follow up at the hospital because apparently i have depression. well... this is a long story. but to sum it up i have a really bad experience growing up and it kinda relapse. it happen a long time a go and i didn't think much of it because i always manage to somehow control it. but i think i already reach my limit. hence here i am.

but don't worry.
i'm okay now.
i think.
well i want to think that i'm okay.
for now.
just pray for me okay. hopefully i won't have to be on meds which i hate so much. because when you're in treatment, they tell you to let go of your fears. but sometimes the demons just comes back. and i pray that it wouldn't eat me up.

oh god, this entry was supposed to be a happy entry rite?

so sorry about that.

don't think to much about this okay.
i'm so much better now.

just know that in every darkness, there will be light.
and you can see sunshine again.

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