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Thursday, September 2, 2010

People r soo hard to pleased

i'm not that type of person who likes to snoop around talking about others. i'm more of an observer. i observe, ask a few questions but never judge. i mind my own business. i care about ppl enough that i know that they are well. but i know a certain ppl who can't lived just standing by their fences. they like to pick their nose in other ppl's business. it's not like they would die if they didn't. it's just their nature. they like to know. in my words they r stalkers n paparazzis in our daily life. yeah normal ppl like us didn't expect to hav our 'so called admires' rite?

so accept this. NOBODY is PERFECT. even if u bleach ur teeth so white that it sparkles, u always felt like there is a spot that is not white enough, not bleach enough or just didn't suit u. deep inside of all of us there will always a tiny feeling and tendency to crave or jealous about other ppl.

Ramadhan is the month of bliss. not for collecting sins.

p/s : for my friend, hopefully u r getting better and don't mind other ppl's thoughts. u r better than them. am praying for you. =)

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