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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm nobody

actually i dunno what to type. but i still need sumwhere to let go off things. things that are rapidly running in my head. and it hurts so badly that sometimes i feel that nobody understands. nobody really care. i'm a nobody. isolated.

then today i met with some of my friends. we are not the so called bff or anything but still we had a good chat. more of me talking than them really. but it felt good. I felt good. at least i felt that somebody else really felt what I feel.

throughout this pregnancy i've been a little down. you know when you always fell good about yourself than suddenly it all collapse and you became helpless. nothing can help you. your body was aching all over and everything that you do doesn't help or make things better. can you imagine being sick for 5 days in a week? sometimes longer?

well when i talk with both of my friends they listen n then give encouragement. one even said that she had it even worst on her pregnancy. up to 6 months of always having morning sickness. i hope that i'm not going after that. hopefully end of this month it will be better. i hope so.

pray for me okeh.

enough said. had to go back home already.

felt much better.

thanks all.

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