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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Aerobic me

yesterday i followed my fellow ofismate to her aerobic class. it was a last minute thing. i wasn't planning on losing weight or anything it's just that with 2 kids in hand i feel that i had a lack of stamina.

i feel tired easily. sometimes i feel like lazying around on the couch (in my case the toto mat) all day doing nothing. and i kept giving excuses for not cooking. not that Al cared but still.... can't wait for him to complain either. anyway, so the idea of exercising came to me. ask my friend about it. i thought the class was next week. been thinking of buying shoes, oufits and what not.... bla bla bla. but the class is every tuesday, thursday and sunday. that is....... yesterday evening!

so yeah i had to rushed to the mall to buy a new pair of shoes
(coz i never had training shoes before hence the lack of exercise, i know too many excuses. plus hubs brings his training shoes to work. yes we had the same shoe size lol).

had my asar prayer at home and changed to my exercise outfit(that is my uni years long sleeved t-shirt, REMINDER: i really need to buy new t-shirts) and off i went to buy training shoes.

came to the store. try a few shoes.
like one, they don't have the size.
so i took another one but still they don't have my size.
(blame my feet for being too big)

i had only 10 minutes more before the class started! so i grabbed a turquoise colored shoe and ask the shop assistant for my size. luckily they have my size! pay for the shoe and off i go. went to the class but they haven't started yet. had to wait for the teacher for another 10 minutes before the class FINALLY start.

they start with a slow dance tempo. to loosen up ur body. wiggle those hands and legs. then came the fast tempo. they started jumping up and down. to the left. to the right. i felt like a makcik that came out of no where and came there to join them. i looked terrible. but i didn't stop until they stop. that is 20 minutes later!

the class was oookayyyy considering that i doesn't have a lot of extra baggage that i don't have any problem following their rhythm. it's just that the steps are too fast. my friend who had join the class earlier also said that she needed one month to actually pick up their pace. after that they had the 10 minute cooling session. this session is a must coz it helps slowing down ur heart rate so that u didn't past out after workout.

i stop 5 minutes before they actually finish the cooling session. need to pick up the kids before 7pm. i feel awful for picking them up so late.

anyway, today is my second day of exercising. already planned on jogging or play badminton. i prefer the latter. but will see what my friend think. hope she picks the second one. am not good at jogging. hehehe

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