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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Beyond myself

Hey guys,

so i've been meaning to write just to clear things up. But i just don't have the motivation to do just about anything. even my work. it was a constant battle with myself. sometimes i just want to curl in bed and do nothing. for now i'm okay. a little above the water.

anyway, if any of u who feel that i had upset u in any way, i'm sorry. things just don't go as i wanted anymore.

so just to sum it up, i had always have a low self esteem. yes, i may not seem like it but i do feel every single negative comment that was said to me. and it hurts so bad. i try to brush it away, tuck it under my bed but it finally crept itself out. i was also bullied in high school. sigh

i always wanted to seem cheerful or at least happy. that's what the social media is about right. they only show the good side of people when actually we are struggling.

i hope the days after this is going to be better. i'm following the doctor's order. to find the positive outlook of everything. well that is tough. but we need to try anyway. life doesn't always follow what we want. so we might as well make do of what we had.

wish me luck.

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