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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trolling on the net......blame it on PMS

so yeah last nite i did sumthing awful that is totally not me. i troll ppl on the net. trashing words at a site that i juz found on the net. well this site is made specifically for trolling n trashing ppl at their backs. if it's in front of their faces, mybe i'm already dead by now.

well the 'site' that i went into kinda gave guidance in trolling ppl. so i follow the instructions, yadda yadda n problem occur. my trolling is visible to whoever knows me. oh god oh god oh god.....what hav i  done???!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

and i just noticed that the person i'm trolling about may hav already read it. f@#% you PMS for making my unmatured decisions. Damn you!!!!!

just so you know, i'm not that bad. just a little nut in the head sometimes. other times i'm ok (if i ate my medicines correctly i guess.....hahahahah just kidding. ). so yeah. to whoever that 'accidentally' read my trashing, plz ignore it. bcoz it's the hormones that are talking. not my usual sensible n loving self.

but anyway, i apologize to all of you. all across the universe for all my wrong doings in this life n the life after. n so may we all be forgiven till the end of our lives.

oh my, still not working well. my brain of course. it got stuck by the hormones. mybe if i drink hot cholate it will be ok. hmmm.....must buy it a.s.a.p. before my brain blows up.

p/s : i know.....i know.....i'm in a mess rite now. forgive me ok. =)
owh by the way, i already deleted my insane thoughts on the 'site'. so don't bother trying to find it. =P

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