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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

For my best buddy

Happiness is when u see someone u love and care about happy. its bring tears to my eyes when i see u happy.

really bro. am happy for u.

i may not say this often bcoz it may sound cheesy or a bit awkward but hey i love u so much that it hurts me to see u heart broken for the first time.

and when u finally found ur better half, i was so happy.

when u got married, i was speechless. i'm happy beyond words.
 it's like something inside me just burst into fireworks. and i kinda nearly cried.

if u eventually read my note here, plz keep it a secret. bcoz it may sound like i just marry off my son or sumthing. hehehe u know me. tough on the outside, but like tissue in the inside.

u r very best friend.

p/s : love ur vid so much. wish i had one. huhuhu

p/s/s : can't post this on fb. malu.....hihihihii

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