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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Post holiday blues

Just started work after a long holiday. December was a good month for me. the usual end of year workload with many2 fun days and activities.

I have no new year resolution this year.

becoz i'm lazy like dat. hehehehe
nahhh just kidding.

new things on Year 2017 :

- new workload. had lots and lots of new things to learn. plz be kind to me. urghhh

- Nia had started her 2nd year of kindergarten. need to prepare her for next year big school.

- moving to our new house. (still in the process)

- celebrate Raya in our new house. (i'm really really hoping for this)

- welcoming two new babies in our big family. And maybe a third one???

- planning for the 2nd family gathering holiday. (need time to blog about the first one. hehehe)

 Hoping for a good year, full of fun days with family, more prosperous, more joyous and more rezeki.

Welcome 2017!!!!

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